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Be their hero & share a pawsitive rescue story today!

I have a question for YOU!

What would happen if we changed our stories about our rescue animals away from "where they came from", and started sharing the stories of "How have they impacted our lives"?

Do you think that would inspire more adoptions?

We believe so deeply in the power of PAWsitive storytelling, that we want to gift you one of our books for only $1 (Significance : Volume 2), and I'm going to tell you why!

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"A hero is somebody who voluntarily walks into the unknown"

~ Tom Hanks

Learn more below.


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each book contains more than 20 stories like



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"Dudley, home is not home without you. For me personally, home was always elusive. I deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq, an odd place to look for home. I looked high and low, and in every corner of the globe for it. It was all to no avail. Then, I met Dudley.

Dudley has an old soul. He is a grumpy old man trapped in a dog suit, and carries his heart break in every wrinkle. And he needs a human. Not just to give him water and food, but to give him love. He won’t stray far from me, and as much as he needs me, I need him.

So, here is this old man trapped in a dog suit who has come to trust me. And here I am, able to have a confidant, friend, protector, and fur-child that I love unconditionally. We won’t leave each other, and we won’t hurt each other. I lean on him as much as he leans on me.

I have come to discover that being home is when you are able to feel a sense of belonging. With him, I have a place that I value as “home.” With him, I am home."

Save lives by

sharing pawsitive stories

of rescue dogs

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THE SALES of THESE BOOKS inspire ADOPTIONS & saves lives

FUREVER USA uses the profits from these books to fund projects that spread awarness of Rescued Heroes across the world!!! Check out what you have helped us accomplish already!

The Rescued Heroes books are now being read around the world.

​HUNDREDS of pawsitive stories featuing rescue animals have been published and shared.

9 photographic galleries featuring rescue animals are displayed in public spaces.

An animal shelter lobby was completely remodeled and designed using photos from animals adopted from THEIR shelter!

9 mini documentries have been created for rescues, shelters & sanctuaries across the United States!

A 10,000 mile USA tour seeking out America's #1 Rescued Hero

Dozens of news and media features telling the stories of Rescued Heroes!


"A hero is one who knows how to hang on one minute longer" ~Novalis

The word "hero" is an incredibly powerful word. If each of us were to take a moment and think of a hero in our life, there's a good chance that a few people would come to mind. Many times our minds would be over come with comic books, masks and spandex. . . but as the old saying goes, "Not all heroes wear capes"

I remember being a kid and realizing that many heroes don't begin their day with a mission to save someone.. The average person doesn't start their day eating breakfast while brain storming how they will come to the rescue of someone in need.

Since starting the FUREVER project, our eyes have been opened to this idea. Understanding that most, if not all of the heroes we have met, will never truly know how heroic they have been. And despite the impact that they have had on their communities, they will live their days never receiving the credit they so deserve.

Instead, like most heroes, they will begin each day and every day with smiles on their faces, tongues hanging out, and tails wagging. Never understanding that THEY are the heroes that don't wear capes. . . well. . . maybe sometimes they wear capes.

~ Jasen Arias

pawsitive stories inspire adoptions

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In 2019, the Arias family set out on a nationwide journey! For 60 days they traveled over 10,000 miles and through 23 states on a quest for America's Rescued Heroes.

At the end of their journey, the USA was put in charge of reading each of the stories. They had 10 days to read, share and vote. . . . .in those 10 days alone, this is the impact that was made towards ending the stigma of rescue animals.

All through PAWsitive story telling!

In only 10 days, the stories were read a total of 40,099 times!

Those stories were shared across 103 countries!

There were stories of Rescued Heroes were shared on all 7 continents!

This totaled for over 1,037 hours of reading & sharing pawsitive rescue stories!

we believe in 3 things to make PAWSITIVE change :

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Without our circles nothing would be possible. That is why we are putting our money where our mouth is and offering you one of our books. . . for only $1 if you so chose. All we ask if for you to join us on our mission.

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We all love sharing the stories of our four-legged kids. But we believe that we should stop focusing on the story of where a rescue came from, and instead, we should share the stories of how they changed our lives.

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We have seen first hand the impact these photographic stories have had. From the lobbies of animal shelters to the bedtime stories we read our kids. Together we can share these stories to change the perception of rescues.


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Jasen and Christy Arias, founders of FUREVER USA, have traveled the United States to photograph and publish the stories of rescue dogs who have rescued their furever families.

They hope you will join them on their mission (with their two boys and three furbabies) to share the incredible stories of how a rescue animal has impacted the lives of people across the country!

Through FUREVER USA and their partnerships with award winning photography studios across the USA, they hope to raise awareness and highlight the importance of rescue dogs and how they can rescue YOU!!!

Their ultimate mission is to end the stigma of rescue animals through photography and book publications!


If you read ANY of our books and don't feel that they will make an impact on animal welfare, we will refund your order 100%.

If you gift this book to your friends and family, and they aren't inspired by the stories of these Rescued Heroes, we will refund your order 100%

If for any reason you don't love these books and want to share them with every dog friendly business. . . we will refund your order 100%




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